Christina Kiffney



My Work

My specialty is lifestyle photography that creates an authentic moment that appears fleeting, natural, candid, and full of emotion by combining concept development, location scouting, casting, styling, composition, lighting, and working with talent. I love working with a team and thrive on creative collaboration throughout the production process.

My goal is always to create an emotional connection with the viewer, through high quality, authentic and compelling imagery specific to the message or story. I love working with people, using movement and direction, to draw out natural expressions and authenticity in my subjects. My origins are in fine art photography, which drives me to use backgrounds and graphical compositions to create visually compelling artwork.

I love traveling, and I'm available for projects worldwide.




I've been a professional photographer for 17 years, specializing in photographing people on location. I love the challenge of diverse settings and diverse clientele, and of course, when you photograph outside, diverse weather and terrain. I'm an adventurer at heart, and I've photographed in rain, lightning, on rock ledges, lying in the middle of roads, sitting in mud, balancing on a fence, hauling lights up a ladder to a rooftop - whatever it takes to get the shot.

I've lived a pretty fun life so far, starting in New York, traveling extensively in the US, Europe and beyond, and living in France and London for several years. I love big cities as much as I love the outdoors, so I've chosen to live in the mountains near a city, and I get back to the coasts as much as I can.

I became a photographer while taking a break from my previous career in 2001 when I began shooting. Art shows quickly followed in early 2002, during which I was approached with photography work. After many years of honing my craft and art, and working with hundreds of clients in hundreds of locations since then, I still find the same passion for photographing people and artistic expression I've always had.

Outside of work, I stay busy with hiking, yoga, cycling, snowboarding and traveling with my husband and daughter. And I am forever secretly planning my next surf trip.

Please contact me about my work, to discuss your project, or just grab a coffee.